I’d just walked backstage after talking with the hosts of 106 & Park after debuting my video for my 2nd single, All Of Me. It was a track I’d co-written with Shayne and so far it’d proven to be a huge fan favorite.

Any time I went to a club, alone or with someone else, it was played. It’d become a hit for lots of DJs in many cities. So much so that Percy decided to make an extended dance version.

It was unbelievable. After I pushed my album back another month, to give Gia’s ass a chance, and myself a chance to debut a proper first single, I released it this past Tuesday. Taking the number one spot, almost instantly. It was INSANE! My twitter blew up. Mostly my peers, some I’d written for, asking why I never said I could sing. A few wanted to do collabs, and I’d even gotten invited on a tour. Of course there were still the negative people, mostly young ass kids who wouldn’t know how to hold a note if their life depended on it. The fat jokes, the she can’t sing as good as… comments, the continuous questions wondering how I’d gotten Tyrese’s fine self to play my leading man for my next video, Make Love … I just took it in as motivation to keep doing better.


My parents looked at me, smiling. Starting off congratulating me in English, my mom eventually trailed off into Cantonese as she cried her tears of joy. I hugged her tightly before turning into my father’s arms, inhaling his scent as his deep voice spoke perfect English with a THICK accent. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

“So am I Sis. Didn’t I tell you not to doubt me?”

I looked at my older brother and nodded. “Yes Shayne, you told me. And I promise, I won’t doubt you anymore.”

I won’t doubt myself anymore. And I definitely won’t let my looks define what I do with my talent. Nope, not anymore.

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