May 2018 [Monthly Playlist]

To know me is to know that I am NOT the biggest fan of most current artists or this current wave that the music industry is riding. Sometimes, a veteran in the industry will come through with that old flavor in their new music to satiate my taste for quality, but even that is rare in 2018. Of course, everyone has to stay current, wants to remain ‘relevant’, or simply seek to reinvent themselves as they adapt to the ever-changing climate. I understand that.

I can say, however, that quite a few songs from old artists and a few new have slipped through and made a decent and/or great impact on my otherwise unimpressed musical taste pallet.

For May, I wanted to share a few of those songs that have made me feel like I’m finally apart of my generation and the one behind me. (I am old, y’all.) 😂😂.



Monthly Playlist

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