What YOU Want. [#WNW Activity]

As we grow, age, mature and all things of that nature; we begin to feel around the world and our surroundings to try out and learn what it is that we like and want for ourselves.

More often than not, as has been the case for me and my life; we’re given options, and other people’s ideas about what we should do and how we should do things to obtain ‘success’. Mostly someone else’s idea of what success is and means.

If you’re anything like me, and the main character of this upcoming series, Noelle, you’re never really too thrilled to have others push or force their thoughts on you.


Before I jump start this series, I would like to engage potential readers in a little activity. My hope is that I can continue with this series for a while, and that Noelle and the other characters can grow and change over time until they reach what THEIR ideas of success for themselves are.

I like to believe that we change daily. Or, at the very least we’re working towards change on a daily basis. We work differently, we begin to see ourselves differently, and eventually we’ve come out better in some way. Then we set more goals to continue obtaining positive change and growth.


With all of that being said, tell me in the comments; currently, what is it that you want out of life (a dream, a goal, a plan, how do you wish to grow, what’s something you want to improve, where do you wish to go or be, etc) for yourself THIS year? Are these things long-term, short-term? Do you think it will be hard or easy for you to obtain, complete, and reach these things?


My character Noelle and I are doing this very same exercise. I hope that when she is first introduced, she is a relatable and enjoyable character. I hope that as the series goes on, growth is shown and witnessed somewhere throughout. And I hope that this series will be good overall.

See you all soon with the first episode. 😀

Author: mypenwritesnice

Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

3 thoughts on “What YOU Want. [#WNW Activity]

  1. My goal for the rest of the year is not to be a disappointment. Not to my heavenly father, my husband, my children or myself. I want to live up to my resolution to spend more time bible reading, and out in my ministry encouraging others to do more bible reading and gain a closer relationship with God. I want to be a GOOD example for my girls, someone they can try to imitate. I want to be the kind of wife that all men want to find. I am not perfect, but at least these days I try. Thank you for asking.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! And you ma’am are certainly no disappointment. You’re the type of woman all young women like myself hope to be. Kind, compassionate, full of love for others, generous, supportive, full of life gems, and talented. One of the greatest friends anyone can have and hope to be. 😀

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