NaNoWriMo 2018, Day 1 Check In.

I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed in my start to this year’s #NaNoWriMo. Typically, I set a goal of 1500 words and push myself to exceed well beyond that.

I feel most confident when I’ve cranked out anywhere from 3k-4k words (5k if I’m feeling extra wordy) on the very first day, with the very first chapter or two that I get into.

I’ve felt since my very first year of doing #NaNoWriMo that a great big start sets the tone for how I will finish out by the end of the month. I kind of felt that thought to be true when I began last year with a dismal 1300 (give or take a few words) word count. By day 14 I had given up, and forgot to finish my novel altogether.


Though it’s not a true excuse, I guess I can attribute my rough start this year to the fact that day one for me started while I was at work, and the fact that I did not get home until about 9 am. Though I’d tried to power through and write through my exhaustion, I ended up passing out atop my keyboard. A writer’s life, am I right?

At any rate, I’ve jump started this years event with just over 1700 words. Not my best start, in my personal opinion, but it’s something and I have a great feeling about me finishing this year.


Are you participating? How’s it going for you so far? What are some of your goals?


If you’d like, you can check out my novel for this year on Wattpad, HYPE – NaNoWriMo18

Author: mypenwritesnice

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