Glasses clanked continuously as rugged and husky voices clashed with one another, offering an angry noise Anais had only wished she could silence. Kidnapped, trapped in an abandoned and run down cabin in the middle of wooded lands that hadn’t been inhabited by human beings for decades; cold, afraid, and running out of time.

Tables being smashed into pieces, vulgar and obscene words filled each sentence spoken by a rowdy crew of demons destined for hell as they trashed the place.

The more she fought to get away and find refuge, the tighter they held her naked and bruised body down, laughing and gawking at the sight of a woman once feared, now defenseless as she lay all alone without those she’d trusted most. Betrayed, broken as she was sold into what was a certain, slow and painful death.

Her voice cracked as she tried her best to scream out, the corners of her mouth burning from the cuts that rested at each side. Lips and face bloodied from the beatings that seemed endless as she was tortured, mutilated, and sexually assaulted day in and day out.

These demons wanted her to give up, to give in and die; and she wanted it too.

Her crew had stood back watching. Her crew had heard her pleas for help and stood with their heads hanging like the spineless dogs they truly were. Her crew, she was sure, had set this up. They allowed it; they reveled in it secretly, probably more so than the men who held her captive as nothing more than a battered body to pass back and forth.

Just the thought of betrayal at the hands of men she’d trusted and devoted her own life to, men she would have laid her life on the line for… it broke her. For the first time in her life, she prayed. She prayed for it all to end.

Still, something in her would not allow this to be her demise. She would not die at the hands of strangers doing the bidding of cowards.

As more rounds of spit hit Anais’ face, she fought harder to break free of the chains that kept her bound to the hard bed that had become her prison. “You dirty wenches, they sure make you tough.”

She mustered up as much strength as she could, watching as the barrel of a gun came into view, forging its way through her clouded vision. “You won’t get away with this.”

“Yeah? And who’s going to stop us? No one cares about you. No one will miss you. And no one will find your body.”

“You’ll pay for this.”

The leader of the vicious gang laughed, encouraging his cohorts to join in as he cocked the pistol, aiming for Anais’ head. Through her swollen eyes, she analyzed them all, memorizing them. She would haunt them.


The leader; with his fire red, curly hair and uneven beard that seemed to touch the tip of his overly-swollen belly. He looked like a pig, smelled like he’d bathed in nothing but a tub of his own, infested piss. His skin, pale, covered in warts and pimples that threatened to explode and spray the room with pus that would reek. A deformity, tiny horns, resting at the top of his sweaty, bald head. His flunkies, looked even worse. Matted hair, skin covered with dirt from years of skipping baths and sleeping in their own filth. Scars, bodies covered from head to toe in tattoos that were poorly done, rotted teeth, and tattered leather and jeans that barely fit their rail thin bodies. Faces sunken in, with grins and smiles that never seemed to fade as they took advantage minute by minute, as if they’d never grow tired. “You’ll all pay. I’ll be back. I will hunt you down. I will find you. I will get inside of your head, drive you to the brink of madness. And when I have you on your knees, begging and groveling for your pathetic ass life; I’ll kill you. Each and every one of you, I’ll kill you.”

He laughed loudly, instructing his boys to join in. Their obnoxious laughter filled the room before the leader silenced everyone with a shout. “You won’t live to seek your revenge.”

Anais took one deep breath, speaking as best as she could through gritted teeth. “I’ll haunt you. Your kids. Their kids, and their kids. I’ll haunt every generation until the very last member of your family turns up dead in a ditch. And when you’re rotting in hell, and I’ll torture you there too.”

He laughed lowly, centering his gun. “I’ll see you in hell, Bitch.”

A single shot rang out, causing all birds surrounding the abandoned cabin to flock away in fear. The gang, known as Damian’s Assassins, made their way out… having fulfilled their dastardly deed. The leader, looked at his boys, smirking. “This stays between us. Any of you dare to get out of line, think about running your mouths…” He looked towards the newest member, knowing that the young man was still a rookie, still afraid of consequences. “You’ll be next. Let’s go get the rest of our money!” The men whooped and yelled, riding away as they hopped on their motorcycles one by one; screaming and yelling into the night.


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