Cort’s Crates #1 : Caught Me By Surprise.

*** This is NOT a professional review, just my personal opinion.




I’ve stated before, and I’ll probably say it a few more times… I’m just not that into a lot of the artists that are popping up these days. Though I am a 90s Baby and grew up right as the music scene was changing, I can say with full confidence that there have been very few artists I’ve enjoyed since maybe 2006 or 2007.

With that said, when a new or current artist catches me off guard, I find myself SHOOK for real.

To start off the chat about my personal music collection and the things that I do enjoy, I thought I’d speak on some of the best music I’ve heard in 2019 thus far.


Right off the bat, I’ll start with Lil’ Nas X.

We’ve all heard Old Town Road, and in one way or another we’ve all enjoyed it since it first hit big. Well, going into his debut EP, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or if I was expecting anything at all. OTR is very catchy, easily gets stuck in your head, but I don’t know if I held any expectations that any further music from him would catch my attention as well.

Whatever I thought I was going to hear, I was completely WRONG, and pleasantly surprised as I took my time listening to and consuming “7”. With a wide mixture of genres, including what I’ve heard some call ‘Trap Country’, it was a great treat to see a new artist take creative reign and go against what artists have fallen into comfortably (EVERYTHING sounds the same nowadays, let’s be honest).

There’s a bit of that early 2000s Emo/Pop, there’s Country, Hip-Hop, and a few other sounds that one might not expect from Lil’ Nas X.

Naturally, I feel that a lot of artists can’t go wrong, in this current climate, with a feature from Cardi B.

Rodeo is my favorite track on the entire EP, followed by Panini, and I read that he received some help from the legendary (to me) Travis Barker. That THRILLED me immensely. He’s currently working on his debut album, and I can say that I can not wait to see what he delivers next. I have a feeling he’s here to stay and deliver some great music for a while.



NEXT, the Queen of the 305. The Baddest herself, Trina!

Now, I must admit, when I first began to get into music outside of the 90s pop and Disney era I grew up in, Trina was one of the first adult acts I gravitated towards. I mean, who can’t quote her verse on Nahn N*gga from front to back with ease?

One of the most consistent artists, since her debut, there hasn’t been a time that Trina hasn’t dropped pure HEAT. After a few delays, her latest album THE ONE has been released.

I can say this; ONLY The Baddest Bitch could get me to enjoy a verse from MULTIPLE artists that I do not enjoy or support.


With features from Rico Love, Lil Wayne, Lil’ Boosie, Nicki Minaj, and a few more; I was a bit caught off guard because I was expecting a full project with nothing but Trina.Β  I came into the project for no one but Trina, anyway. HOWEVER, none of said features feel out of place or unnecessary (to me) to the project.

I say here and now that I am not a fan of Nicki, Wayne, or Boosie … but one might be able to catch me this summer spitting their verses in full. Only Trina could make it happen!

Though I truly did not want to like the second single, BAPS featuring Nicki, I have to give it to them both for the way they rode Juvenile’s Project Bitch. A great tribute to New Orleans (or Louisiana in general) is something I will always be here for. And the sample was PERFECT.

I stand in full belief that Queen Trina made it known that they could do what they want on their own, but when it comes to her project… come like you still have something to prove. And they delivered!

My favorite track on the entire project is Water, which features Rico Love. A perfectly crafted tune for that special vibe with ‘bae’, Trina and all of her glorious sex appeal float with ease while Rico delivers those classic R&B vocals missing in music today.



Lastly, I’m a little upset that I am only now just getting into Lion Babe. A tad bit upset no one put me on to them before.

Anyway, 2019 saw the release of Cosmic Wind. Little by little I’d been getting into the alternative style of Lion Babe, and I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting because each single release has been completely different from the one before.

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting the album to flow and fit as well as it did. Lots of groovy vibes, lots of sexiness, some love, the perfect mixture of confidence and vulnerability crafted into each track. My favorite song from the album, at the moment, is Can I See It, which features Bilal (an artist I don’t know too much about, but look forward to getting into soon).

I’ll be honest and admit that I was expecting Jillian to have the same or a similar style as her mother, Vanessa Williams, but I am beyond enthused that she’s created her own lane and path within the industry. Lion Babe is indeed a breath of fresh air in all the similar sounds and voices, and I can not wait to see what the group delivers next.


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