Late Night Thoughts

I’m probably overthinking, like always.

However, lately there has been one main thought on my mind when it comes to my writing, and how I’ve been putting myself out there. Part of my problem is that I am inconsistent. There’s no denying that on my part.


But part of that inconsistency comes from the fact that I have it set in my mind that I really don’t have the support that people want me to believe I have. I’ve always felt that ‘saying’ and ‘showing’ are two different things. And while lots of people love to SAY that they support me and enjoy my work and want/can’t wait for more … a single person, maybe two or three show it, if that.


It just gets to be extremely discouraging, and since I suffer severely from self doubt, this thought leads me to do a lot less than I would like to.

But again, maybe I’m overthinking it like always.

Author: mypenwritesnice

Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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