Hi there!

Before I begin my work here, I would like to formally introduce myself as a new member and contributing writer for MyPenWritesNice.com

My name is YoLana (Yuh-Lah-Nuh), or Lana for short, and I’m just a girl with a smidgen of writing talent spotted and encouraged by my good friend and site owner, Cortney.

She recently shared that for an undetermined amount of time, she would be unable to produce content for all of the beautiful readers that drop in from time to time to show support to her art.

That is where I step in. Cortney originally asked me to join her team several months back, and because I didn’t feel I was as great as she, I objected. With no persuasion needed, now in her time of need, I felt it best I step up so that all of her hard work building MyPenWritesNice.com doesn’t fade away in her absence.

Cortney has shown and expressed great belief in me for quite a few years now, and it is my only hope that whatever I contribute in my time here stands as tall and proves to be as remarkable and moving as her works.

I will also be stepping in to share a few special posts she’d begun working on just a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy those when they come.

So very grateful to be here, so very thankful and happy she trusts me with her baby, and I hope that I do well.

See you all soon, and happy reading!

— Yolana C.

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