If Cupid is a real entity, he was on some bullshit when he fired the arrows that matched me and Satan’s spawn. I’m sure he sat back smiling, laughing in preparation for the tears he knew would come at dawn.” – Angel E. Sinclaire

It seemed that, as soon as one set of tears dried, life gave reason for fresh tears to flow. With fury the fell, dipping into the corners of her full lips, carrying the stains of mascara to the dented pillows beneath the mess of her auburn hair.

The silence that surrounded her was maddening, her chest tightening with the revelation that she was alone and the source of her heartache would not be returning.

“Well, at least you’ll save all the money you would have wasted on the wedding and subsequent divorce.”

IF that were supposed to bring any source of comfort to Angel Sinclaire, her friend Junie Lee had done a poor job of selling it. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Oh Sis, I love tired ass men just the same as you. I believe I know the heartbreak they bring quite well.” She turned to her left, burying her face deep within in her pillow, sobbing uncontrollably.

The right side of her bed dipped with Junie’s weight as he took a seat. Gently, he placed his hand at her back, rubbing slowly. “You’re right, Hunny, I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. And I could track him down and beat his ass for you, but I know that won’t make you feel better either.” It’ll make me feel wonderful, he thought to himself. For a brief moment, he thought he heard her giggle. But the sound was softer, more soul shattering than any sound he’d ever heard.

Angel’s soft sobs filled the room, bouncing and echoing off the wall as he continued to comfort his dear friend as best as he could. “Each day you get up, that pain will lessen a little more, and I believe eventually that you’ll come to see how big of a bullet you dodged. Until then, take time to feel what you feel in every wave that it comes. I’ll be right here beside you, Hunny. Get you any and everything that you need.”

“Why does it hurt so bad, Junie?”

“Because you love hard, and I imagine it’s hard to believe someone else could be so careless with the gift of your heart when your heart is so beautifully big and open to all you meet. The next man will understand the importance of the gift he carries, and he’ll be gentle with it. I promise.”

But there wouldn’t be a next, Angel was certain. She’d played love’s game one too many times, always the scorned loser round after round. There was nothing more her heart could take, no more tears she could spare once the last of these dried.

Junie sat quietly with his friend, rubbing her back as soft sobs filled the cold space of her bedroom. Under his breath, from his lips on her behalf, he whispered a special prayer to God. He hoped it would be the one prayer God finally answered for him.

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