So, as mentioned before, I am participating in NaNoWriMo2020. My great attempt at getting back into my writing and pushing myself back into pursuing my dreams.

Naturally, I began my planning with the idea that some great idea and topic would come to be. However, the only thing that seems to interest me at the moment is a combination of Christmas and Romance.

I would love to blame my obsession with The Holiday, but I haven’t had the chance to stare at and admire the beauty of Jude Law since last winter.

Along with those two topics, neither of which are particularly my favorite to write about (I just happen to write great things with both), I have the concept of incorporating the theme of wartime and the 1940s and that era with Black life in the south (namely, Louisiana where I was born and raised). In the setting of Louisiana alone I believe I have such great detail that I can incorporate and make something awesome.

With that said, I am proud to announce not only my newest project, but my very first full length project in over 10 months.

This, to me, is major because there had been a point when giving up was a strong thought running rampant through my mind, and if you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know why. I’d love to see if I still have the talent I’ve let sit idle and I’d love to create a beautiful new world.

Allow me to introduce, “Someday At Christmas”.

Someday At Christmas

What you see above is a mock cover done for Wattpad (where I’ll be sharing a short snippet) while the full story will be shared here on

For those who don’t know, I write everything as if it could be or could have been a movie, so I often use the faces of artists and stars that I see brining my characters to life. And boy, how I would have loved to been around during the golden era of Black Hollywood during a time when films that portrayed and showed us in ordinary life.

I am slowly getting my details for “Someday At Christmas” together but I can say with confidence that I can not wait to share whatever will come from this.

Feel free to let me know if something like this interests you. If so, what do you look forward to?

4 thoughts on “Project Announcement.

  1. Something like this definitely interests me! I love the way that you show US in your work. It’s almost like we’re, I don’t know… human. For too long have we been portrayed as less than. Especially in the media, so this is appreciated by me at all times, especially coming from Black Women because of the many different ways we tell stories. I look forward to this & the way you write about it, I’m excited because it feels like you’re excited. Good luck 😌

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    1. Thanks! I definitely try. While I love a good hood and thug/bad boy story, I definitely see us as more. And to learn so late in my life that OUR real lives on film were relegated to what are called ‘Race’ films and that there are less than 100 of those left, it’s almost like we never had a chance to view our many dimensions to begin with. I love stories that show all we are so I try to write those often.


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