Hey! So before we get to the short stories and posts for February (look at me attempting consistency!), I want to have a quick chat.

As I’ve stated, and as those who have followed me know, I’ve had some difficulty with self-doubt and trusting myself as an artist. More often than not, I’ve begun HUNDREDS of novels and short stories and didn’t complete them because I thought they weren’t good enough.

Mean while, many of my good friends and supporters have loved them and wished for their return.

Well, while talking with four of those specific friends, I’ve decided to show my love and appreciation of my ride or die boos by posting some of those works, and letting them vote on which ONE I should bring back and actually complete this year.

Anyone reading the four or five posts to follow this announcement are more than welcome to vote as well when I share the official poll at the end.

As always, thank you so much for dropping by and supporting MyPenWritesNice.com and I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer.

Keep up with me via twitter or instagram. And, see you in the next post with the official first option of #BringItByke2021

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