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“I Believed” by Cortney Joseph

All because I believed I could,

I flew far beyond my wildest dreams,

And conquered a world I’d once feared.


All because I believed I could,

I pushed myself far beyond my limits,

And paved a way for me to

Exceed far beyond my imagination.


I believed I could,

And I did.

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“Before The Sunshine” Is Here!

After much procrastination and a short delay, I am proud to announce that volume ONE of two in my #Moods Series, Before The Sunshine, is now available for sale!

Sold directly through with no third-party sellers, this short poetry collection is available for $7.

As is all of my work, Before The Sunshine is a labor of love and a complete piece of my heart and soul, gifted from me to whomever should decide to take a look.


Before_The_Sunshine_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

Before The Sunshine is a small collection of poetry showcasing emotional poems and feelings long hidden by Cortney. Volume one of two in her #Moods series, Before The Sunshine represents the downs of a young woman trying to find happiness and peace in her life.

Be sure to grab your copy today!!

Share your thoughts with me via twitter, @MyPenWritesNice or @WrittenByCort using the hashtag #B4TheSunshine.

You can also let me know what you think via my facebook page. I’d love to hear all thoughts!

I can’t begin to express how glad I am to have finally have this work completed and out in the world. Volume two, After The Rain will be here before we know it.

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Release Dates.

Mini-Collection number 1 in my #Moods Series. To date, my moods have swung from high to low and back again in ways that I could only explain when putting my pen to paper. Tentatively, there will be four or five of these mini #Poetry collections, all to be released this year. Each expressing one set mood and leading into the next. I’ve learned that sometimes, the bad or sad moods linger a little longer to prepare us for the happier ones that last a lifetime. “Looks Like Rain” is the reflection of sad, the storm leading to the peace and sunshine. It will be available to order directly through me (via PayPal), with an option for a signed copy beginning May 25th, 2018. Unsigned copies will be made available for purchase directly through, with no third party sellers, on June 10th, 2018.