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Release Dates.

Mini-Collection number 1 in my #Moods Series. To date, my moods have swung from high to low and back again in ways that I could only explain when putting my pen to paper. Tentatively, there will be four or five of these mini #Poetry collections, all to be released this year. Each expressing one set mood and leading into the next. I’ve learned that sometimes, the bad or sad moods linger a little longer to prepare us for the happier ones that last a lifetime. “Looks Like Rain” is the reflection of sad, the storm leading to the peace and sunshine. It will be available to order directly through me (via PayPal), with an option for a signed copy beginning May 25th, 2018. Unsigned copies will be made available for purchase directly through, with no third party sellers, on June 10th, 2018.

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“Small Prayer” by Cortney Joseph

I sat up for hours, watching the sky

convincing myself that I had no reason to cry

didn’t need a goodbye

feeding myself the lies, “I’m fine”

I’m fine


When inside I’m dying

searching for new ways to cope and get by

new ways to brush these feelings aside

to disguise the pain I feel when I’m lonely at night

nothing about this situation seems right


Please show me a sign

help me make it through, guide,

give me strength to live another day of this life

I’m tired of the strife

rid me of and fill this void from not having you by my side

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“Lonely Girl” by Cortney Joseph

So many things going through my head,

I find myself wishing I could disappear instead of

being left to deal with the problems of others

toppling on my shoulders.

Strangled, feeling smothered.


Nowhere to run, no one to turn to,

left to cry lonely teardrops in a world turned misty blue.


Alone, afraid.

Alone, afraid.

Stress piling on, shortening my days.

When will the pain subside?

When will I be given the chance to live a good life?