“The Crying Game” by Cortney Joseph

It happens every time. I find myself caught up in promises of a better tomorrow. You gently wipe away my tears of sorrow, and I forgive, and I forget, and I regret as your hands reconnect in ways unfavorable. More lies flow with ease. And I’m left to figure out new ways to please, To… Read More

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In 2012, I began my journey as a self-publishing author. Ever the perfectionist, I decided to hold back on my novels and begin with my poetry collections. As of 2017,  I have four published total, and they are now ALL available for purchase at Amazon.com!   Undefined : Thoughts of a Young Poet (2012)  Ways… Read More

“Untitled 1-7-17” (by Cortney Joseph)

You could give the one you love the world, but sometimes, the world isn’t good enough.   Work day and night to prove your loyalty, a full 365 trying to prove you’re worthy or that same affection and adoration in return.   And, you just can’t imagine them putting you through the worst. You can’t… Read More